I am embarking on a new journey to push Friends of Virginia to its maximum potential and I want your support.

If you don't know much about Friends of Virginia, you can read the very first blog post here.

In a nutshell, the Friends of Virginia project is about bringing humans together by encouraging them to share their reflections, happiness and struggles with one another, regardless of who it is on the other side of the screen reading this. It is about giving a sense of hope, and hopefully become less fearful of sharing our inner wonderings with others.

Amongst the now friends of Virginia there are artists, elders, nuns, bankers, people living in war, scientists and children to name a few (many are a mix of everything). Yet no matter the diversity, I've been repeatedly told that those who are part of it that they find a sense of peacefulness in each others’ responses; the type that comes from empathizing with the reflections of others, and feeling that you're not alone in your ups and downs through life.

For half a year, I kept a newsletter where I shared drawings of anonymised responses to the survey with several hundred people who had submitted their answers too. With work and new art projects coming up, it became increasingly hard to keep up with the drawings, and I paused it until I had a better idea of how I can make it more sustainable, engaging and powerful.

Today, I am happy to say that I got there: I am ready and got a plan to continue making the most out of the shared wisdom, vulnerability and humanity shared in all the answers. 

Starting this week, every Sunday I will post a question on Instagram and Facebook and I will illustrate the answers I receive on comments and private messages throughout the week.

I will post the illustrations on social media, and will also keep a newsletter where all illustrations for that week's question will be shared.

Last but not least, I will soon start a Patreon page where you will be able to support the project and receive monthly postcards with illustrated answers to your door! 

I hope you'll want to become a part of it. And as always, if you have any ideas or feedback, please share your thoughts with me at Gracias! 


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