I am opening the doors of my home for six generations in the North of Spain to bring people together to make art, connect with the land which we live from and are a part of, and interact with each other like we all too often forget to in this rushed world. 




On January 2018, I quit my job in technology for international development and moved into my grandfather’s home in a small countryside village in Northern Spain to make art.

This little corner of the Earth of 170 inhabitants is an inspiring place: several Iberian settlements (the true natives of Spain, communities who lived here long before the Romans took over the land) were found right here. The area and the community has a lot to offer: history, wisdom and local expertise, and I have been given full access to a chapel from the 12th century, stone huts in the woods, and a built-to-scale reproduction of an Iberian settlement.



I believe we can utilise these spaces and our friends’ network to create a profound impact in the way we interact and create in and with nature, here and around the world. So, through a series of experiences with a selected group of inspiring humans, I believe in and am investing in the revival of the village as a new model for work, community and connection.

We are curating a series of gatherings for 2018 around specific themes such as Music, Art or Food. During each gathering, a small group of humans (8-10) will guide each other through experiences that are connected to the land's history, energy, people and the stories of each human present. If you'd like to learn more, drop me a line at with your story and what intrigues you about mine. 

On a daily basis, I will be working on my art surrounded by incredible nature, food and people, I’m 30 minutes away from an airport that is well-connected to European cities, and I’ve got good internet and a special home with space for up to fifteen people. Come do some doodles with me, or work, or hang!

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